Planned Maintenance

Powered industrial trucks may become hazardous if maintenance is neglected, and repairs, or adjustments are not performed. CLARK strongly recommends that all powered industrial trucks have maintenance and inspections performed in conformance with a scheduled Planned Maintenance (PM) Program.

Planned Maintenance is a program in which inspection, minor adjustments, lubrication, oil changes and replacement of filters are performed on a scheduled and systematic basis. A solid PM program should incorporate a method of record keeping which enables you to better determine PM schedules and enables you to track the maintenance costs per machine. You’ll want to contact your nearest CLARK dealer to find out more about this program.

OSHA requires a pre-shift inspection of all forklifts before they are placed into service. Employers must be certain that no condition exists that might adversely affect the safety of the truck. If problems are found, they must be reported and the truck should be taken out of service immediately for repair. A CLARK "Warning: Do NOT Operate" Tag should be affixed to the truck, and not removed until the necessary repairs have been made.


Planned Maintenance

  • Selection- We have over 30,000 competitive filter crosses in stock and we have a full range of fluids for nearly every application
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Being on a fluid analysis program can:

  • Keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently
  • Detect equipment failures in progress
  • Prevent unanticipated down time & catastrophic shut downs
  • Lead you to the root cause of problems
  • Extend drain intervals
  • Extend equipment life
  • Maximize asset reliability
  • Increase resale value