Our Sevice

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Our Sevice:

1.Preventive Maintenance Contract

This covers all servicing, following the recommendations by the original manufacturer, at the correct intervals and in a proactive manner. It offers fixed routine maintenance costs and allows to estimate maintenance cost easily. The contract can be customized and adjusted at any time.

2.Total Responsibility Contract

This is a complete maintenance system with fixed annual costs for the agreed period and offers a peace of mind when it comes to your process continuity, and allows to estimate maintenance cost clearly.


  1. Supply TVH high-quality spare parts for forklift brands:

Clark forklift,TOYOTA Forklift, Mitsubishi Forklift, Unicarriers Forklift, TCM Forklift, Nissan Forklift, Komatsu Forklift, Sumitomo Forklift, Doosan Forklift, MGA Forklift, Linde Forklift, Hyundai Forklift…..

5.Lease self-driving Forklift

6.Inspection Contract

This cosists of regular inspection visits that can identify any actions required to keep the forklift in prime operating condition. This contract results in a comprehensive diagnostics report with recommend

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